"Let Lit Happiness "


Burning time 5 - 7 Hours with Calorie (J) 7100 - 7500 Kcal and Odour-less

Hardwood Charcoal

perfect combustion

Charcoal with under 3% Ash, Moisture under 5%, and Fix Carbon up to 90%

Coconut Charcoal


Smoke-less, Spark-less, High Temparture Output, Long Lasting, and Perfect Combustion Charcoal

Briquette Charcoal

a Glance of Products
Hardwood Charcoal
BBQ Briquette
Coconut Charcoal
Shisha  Briquettes
services we provide

Make your own brand in our products with cooperative price and assisted by our designer

Packing & Branding

Our team is well-trained to maximizing the arrangement of package in containers and to prevent product defective

tidy product loading

Do not hesitate to ship to any country, Balancia Shipping will help to deliver your products at competitive prices

container dispatch

Retail Products
Our wholesale charcoal products are ready to be marketed under our own brand or with brand from appropriate to buyers appeal. and we also maintain quality standards and licensing in consistent with international product (export) standards quality. in addition of massive exports, we also distribute to meet small necessary from local buyers
BBQ restaurant
Our charcoal has been tested for use in raw food and has passed lab tests with excellent quality standards. Either One of the usage of our charcoal is in the incineration of baking pizza and smoking BBQ.

The smoke from burning charcoal kills germs and enhances the taste and aroma of your cooking, perfect for home use.